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Why Do I need to provide my report Data?

We review your credit report and the information it contains about your lending activity, payment history, financial status, and public records.
We use this information to conduct an in-depth review to identify areas of concern and risks which were visible prior to your lender providing finance.

This allows us establish failings and support any potential claim.
Please see below a button which allows you to get your free credit report from UKCreditRatings. This service will also allow you to share the data directly with Sanderson Drake once signed in.

Get Your Free Detailed Credit Report?

You can also obtain your credit report by visiting TransUnion or If you decide to use another option or already have a credit report, please upload below:

Don't want to share your data?

If you do not wish to provide your credit reporting data, we will not be able to proceed.
This is because the high level of detail provided within your credit report acts as a key area in being able to establish potential mis-selling claims.

Other methods are available to establish a potential claim, including making an individual request for information to each lender you’ve held accounts with.
They will provide you this information within 1 calendar month. Once received, you may need to review various parts of their response to obtain the same data.

This can often result in additional information being required by you or the lender (where required).