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Key Facts & Summary'

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About Us and Our Services

Sanderson Drake Limited (We/Us) provide claims management services, with a focus on financial mis-selling and irresponsible lending. We look at a range
of different irresponsible lending claims, including those on payday loans, high-cost loans, guarantor loans, credit card limit increases, and unfair charges.

We can be contacted using the following details:

Phone: 01554 575000* (Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 09:30 till 18:00 & Friday 09:30 till 16:00) * Calls are charged at local rates.
Post: Sanderson Drake, 41 Murray Street, Llanelli, SA15 1BQ

What we will do

We will provide you with an initial free assessment to determine whether you have a valid claim. Where a potential claim is found, we will send you a
prepopulated claim application pack to complete and sign so that we can pursue the complaint against {{Lender}} on your behalf. By completing and signing
these documents, you are providing us with your authority to act on your behalf. Before proceeding, we ask that you read and check the information that is
contained within these documents and let us know if anything is incorrect. 

If you do not understand any of the information provided, please contact us using any of the above methods prior to signing so that we can assist. 

Once we have received your signed documents, we will contact your lender and let them know about your claim. Your lender has up to 8 weeks to issue its
final response. Once the lender has provided its response, we will conduct a review of this to determine whether we think it is adequate.
If we feel the response is not adequate, we will submit the claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service for review. 

Throughout the claim process, we will update you by email, SMS and telephone. You can also contact our dedicated customer service team using the methods
listed above. If you change your address or contact number, please let us know so that we can get in touch with any updates

Your Obligations

It is your responsibility to provide us with any additional information / documentation (such as background information) relevant to your claim where
available and to complete any necessary paperwork within a reasonable amount of time.

Our Fees

Under the terms of your Conditional Fee Agreement, we will charge you a success fee inclusive of VAT.
The fee is calculated as a percentage of any redress offer that you are awarded.

Below is an illustration of our fees. This illustration should not be taken as an estimate of the amount likely to be recovered as redress if you have a
successful claim. The figures below are for illustration purposes only and the amount you pay may be more or less than the amount shown.

Band Redress Awarded (£) What we will charge you (including VAT) (%) Max Total Fee Payable
36.0 %
33.6 %
30.0 %
24.0 %
17.5 %

Based on the information we know about your claim it is most likely that you would have to pay us ____% of the redress awarded to you in the event of a
successful claim. The maximum you will have to pay is £____ as highlighted band shown above.

Cancellation Rights

You can cancel our service without charge within your 14-day cooling off period without reason. Once the 14-day cooling off period has expired, you may
cancel our service at any time. However, please note a fee may be charged depending on the stage of your claim.

– If a Final Response has not been provided and/or there has been no offer/proposal, no fee will be due; or
– If an offer/proposal has been made and deemed acceptable, with no acceptance provided, the success fee will apply.
– If you have accepted an offer/proposal and cancel after acceptance, a success fee will apply.
– If you withdraw our authority and we have reasonable belief that an offer/proposal has been made, a success fee will apply based upon the average
claim value for the last 12 months. This will be amended where a copy of the offer/proposal is received with the lesser value payable.

Alternative Ways to claim -without charge

You do not need to use a claims management company to make a complaint against {{Lender}} you can do it yourself for free.
If your complaint is not successful, you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free.
You also have the right to shop around before choosing to instruct a claims management company.